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Injector Simulator Manufacturing

We have been an expert in manufacturing injector simulators by solving 3 challenges while serving the European and U.S. pharmaceutical companies. So Pro-Health is the best choice if you are looking for a reliable and high-quality simulator supplier in China.

How Pro-Health Successfully Supply the Injector Simulator for Customers?

An injection simulator is designed to provide students and patients with the visual and tactile experience of using a real injector in the event it is needed; particularly in an emergency. Most pharmaceutical companies that produce auto-injectors or pre-filled injectors normally include a simulator so that the patient can practice with it and become familiar with the technique/procedure to use the actual injector when the need arises. 

Pro-Health Product Limited has been at the forefront of producing the highest quality injector simulators for European and U.S. pharmaceutical companies and is a key manufacturer in this industry. From prototyping, molding, and final production, we adhere to the strictest requirements and highest standards to make absolutely sure that the final products will accurately simulate the operation and performance of the real injectors. The only way to guarantee the simulator works well is to make sure that every component part of the simulator is manufactured to precision tolerances. 

Challenge 1: Secure molds

Therefore the first challenge in the manufacturing process is to secure molds that are extremely well made with very little deviation permitted. We are proud of our ability and track record in sourcing molds made here in Guangdong that is extremely precise and often exceed the customer’s expectations. In addition, we can supply molds at costs that are generally less than one-third the cost of comparable molds made in Europe or the United States.

Challenge 2: Quality of the plastics injection process

The second challenge in manufacturing these simulators is the quality of the plastics injection process itself. Our skilled injection engineers and our use of the highest quality German-made injection machines allow us to meet this challenge easily.

Challenge 3: Component parts with very tight quality control

The third challenge is the assembly of the component parts with very tight quality control in place to ensure that the finished product meets or exceeds all specifications. 

Our team of diligent packaging workers performs the assembly task to exacting procedures. We can also design and make custom tools for different kinds of simulators to streamline the assembly process which helps in the QC/inspection stage. 

For example, one of our customers required their simulators to produce a specific amount of injection force. We designed and made a force-testing device to check every simulator to guarantee that their specification was met. When a simulator design required a strict, specific length, we designed and made a custom measuring device to check the length. If the simulator will be pre-filled, we design and make a liquid filling device to do the filling. During every step along the production/assembly process, we maintain online QC and our finished product inspectors guarantee a satisfactory delivery. 

We are currently an expert in manufacturing injector simulators. If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality simulator supplier in China, regardless of whether your product is simple or complicated or has high technical requirements, we are your best choice.