Pro-Health Product Ltd

About Us

About Us

Pro-Health Product Ltd. was founded in 2007 and is a well-known product innovator and developer in Medical Products, Patient Education and Medical Training Products, Medical simulators as well as Pharmaceutical Promotional brand reminders.
We have our own factory Pro-Health Plastics Technology Corporation" which is with ISO13485 quality system, most of our medical products are also registered with FDA in the U.S.A.  We work with famous pharmaceutical companies like Medtronic, Bayer, Alcon, and so on, we supply them with not only medical Consumables but also lots of OEM and ODM jobs in patient care and medical educational simulators. We adhere to the highest moral business standards and customer satisfaction is our first priority.
We have a series of our own products in medical and educational training fields, we also provide one-stop service in customized jobs.  We can do what you need not only because we have the necessary equipment and service in-house, but also with 15 years of production experience in this field--theres no substitute for experience.

♦ Plastic Injection Molding
♦ Silicon Casting

♦ Silicon Pouring
♦ Vac-forming
♦ Glass-fiber
♦ Painting and Printing
♦ Packing in various ways

Our staffs are well educated and thoroughly in international perspectives. Communication is always the value of our company, we listen, understand, follow, and work in full steps with our clients. You can rest assured that Pro-Health is a partner you can trust. Leave any concerns you may have regarding the “Made in China” issue to us. Your own job will then be easier, giving you more time and energy to focus on your strongest field—your own market. We invite your inquiries and hope that you will give us a try. You will quickly see how we can help your business.