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Demonstration Model Design and Develop

We are proud that we are able to bring customers' ideas from just a concept to a finished reality with our expertise and experience. The Demonstration Model creation is one of the successful cases we have served the pharmaceutical company.

Successfully Design a Demo Model from Concept to Finished Product Step by Step

Step 1: Understand the customers' concepts and purpose

We received an email from one of our European customers describing a potential project that a pharmaceutical company would award to them. The pharmaceutical company was launching a new product that involved a special type of eye drops. The drug company needed to have a product that their sales force could use to actively demonstrate how good their new product was. Their intended audience would include doctors, nurses, and patients. In other words, they needed to have a demonstration tool or Demonstration Model that would simplify the task. The Demonstration Model had to be able to show the professional and advantages of the new eye drops product as well as indicate differences from other conventional products. 

Step 2: Internal discuss and come up with a final design

After we received the concept, we held numerous internal meetings as well as with the customers to create many various ideas. We also included our engineers in the discussions to see if all of the concepts and ideas could result in a workable product. After repeated evaluations of many different ideas and concepts, we successfully arrived at a potential solution and came up with a final design that was approved by the end buyer. 

Step 3: Create a desk stand with a rotating panel

We created a desk stand with a rotating panel. On one side of the panel, we made 2 windows showing the processes of how the new eye drops worked and how the more common (conventional) eye drops worked. The two windows had to clearly show the differences between the two. To achieve this, we used 2 liquid-filled chambers installed inside the panel but the chambers were designed with different mechanisms to show how the competing drops performed differently. On the other side of the panel, we printed label information and instructions for the eye drops. This model was very complicated but with our expertise and experience, we not only manufactured it but received many repeat orders and still produce it to this day.

Step 4: Produce a handheld for more convenient

This example case study shows that we can design successful products for customers from the concept stage to the finished product. In addition, we were also able to miniaturize the original design and produced a handheld version that was more convenient and more portable for the drug company's salespersons to do the same demonstration efficiently. The handheld model with 2 liquid-filled chambers was encased in hard cardboard instead of all plastic which resulted in significant cost savings to the customer and they increased their purchasing volume which resulted in a win-win situation for all of us. 

This is just one case study that shows that we are experts at creating demonstration models. We not only use liquid-filled technology, but we also use electronic elements to create models for other customers. Our company can be your reliable and trustworthy partner. Do consider joining us. We will help bring your ideas from just a concept to a finished reality