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What is an ECG caliper?

What is an ECG caliper?

Calipers are measuring tools used to measure thickness, distance, and diameter. EKG calipers are most commonly of a type called split calipers and consist of two rotatable, adjustable legs, each with a tip or tip at the end. They are used in medicine, mainly in cardiology, and are specifically calibrated to measure the distance, or interval, between the lines on a graph called an electrocardiogram (abbreviated as ECG or EKG). Many EKG calipers include a separate ruler to measure the distance between the tips of the caliper after they have been positioned on the lines, or waves, of the EKG graph. The ruler then gives a measurement that often translates distance into seconds, for example, 25 mm can equal 1 second, allowing the user to examine the EKG and make a diagnosis.

Electrocardiography is a way of examining heart activity and is used to diagnose various kinds of heart problems, such as myocardial infarction. This diagnostic procedure is considered particularly effective in diagnosing heart problems related to abnormal heart rhythms. For examination, skin electrodes are attached to the legs, arms, and chest. These electrodes are connected to an ECG device which is then able to provide a detailed, non-invasive recording of the electrical impulses of the heart as a series of waves. The graph produced is then examined and interpreted by a specialist, and EKG calipers are commonly used to help interpret the readings.

EKG calipers are often made from steel or other metal, and a common size is approximately 4-5 inches (10-15 cm) long, though they come in different sizes. The tips of EKG calipers are very fine and sharp for safe and accurate positioning on EKG graph paper. These tips are often covered with a removable, protective cap. Some EKG calipers are vernier calipers, which means their tips slide along the tool instead of rotating the legs to measure. Vernier calipers usually have a built-in ruler or scale on the instrument itself.

The Use of EKG Calipers

Pocket ECG calipers are ideal for carrying and checking your ECG. These calipers are used by today's students, nurses, interns, residents, and physicians. Compact and easy to use, these calipers can be used for everyday EKG readings and come with protective end caps.

The Styles of EKG Calipers

When looking for EKG calipers, we should consider not only quality but also price and customer opinion. But with hundreds of products at different price points, choosing the right ECG caliper is no easy task. In this article, we'll show you how to find the right ECG calibrator along with our best reviews. Check out our tips to find the best EKG stand for you.

EKG calipers are used to accurately measure electrocardiographs. These precision instruments are both sturdy and convenient for doctors. Here is a list of ECG calipers you must review before you buy one.

1. EKG calipers – ECG pen-style caliper – Pro-Health

This is a high-quality brass ECG / EKG calibrator, designed by doctors who use them every day. It's easy to understand compared to these low-cost plastic models. Comes with adjustable arms, a hardened steel tip, and an elegant tin case. These high-quality chrome-plated brass EKG calipers will last your career. 

2. Economy EKG Caliper EKG

The basic ECG  is one of the best ECG calibrators. The chrome indicator measures the portion of the ECG wave with a range of up to 7 inches. Comes with a plastic cover and chrome gauge to measure ECG bands up to a 7" radius.

EKG caliper manufactured by Pro-Health Product Ltd.

3. EKG ECG Nurse or Doctor Caliper for Measuring Electrocardiographs 

These high-quality ECG calipers accurately measure electrocardiographs. The circular silver serrated arms make opening, adjustment, and arm easy. The plier's protector is a useful tool for measuring 6-second slices or 12-lead ECGs. Small screws make ends long or short or arms tight or loose for a comfortable feel. The case includes a useful clip that facilitates its positioning in a uniform or pocket.

4. EKG Caliper and EKG Ruler

Deluxe ECG holders for Pro-health Product Ltd. The instrument accurately measures the wave sections of the electrocardiogram. It is made of hardened steel and includes a protective plastic cover for easy reference. It comes with a reusable PVC casing.

Pro-Health Product Ltd. is an EKG Caliper manufacturer in China. Provide OEM and ODM service for different kinds of EKG calipers.

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