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By Clara | 28 September 2022 | 0 Comments

Tapered Guide Channel for Easily Counting & Pouring Pills into Box

What is a pill counting tray?

A pill counting tray is a quick and sanitary way to handle and count pills. Pharmacy and home users can use it to verify prescription count accurately, avoid miscounting divide plenty of pills tablets, even capsules, into smaller increments. Sometimes, it also can be used to count or sort small items, such as beads, buttons, seeds, etc. 

In order to improve pill counting efficiency, the dual channel design is indispensable. 

The long guide channel is for pouring the pills/tablets into the daily pill box. And the tapered guide channel is for pouring the rest pill back into the original pill vial. Hands will not touch the pill during the whole counting & pouring process. 

In the market, the dual channel design is common. But the guide channel is equipped with a lid, which is rarely seen.

Let's see the tapered guide channel with or without a lid.

1. Tapered guide channel with lid: 

When the pills are poured into the original pill vial, with the help of the lid on the tapered guide channel, there is no worry about the pills pouring out of the counting tray uncarefully.  Pills can be easily poured into a vial even without a spatula, and no pills are lost. 

2. Tapered guide channel with lid:

Pills need to be carefully poured into the original vial with the aid of a spatula. Otherwise, pills may fall out of the tray, get dirty, or get lost.

So which is your favorite in your heart? 

What is the advantage of our pill counting tray?

The pill counting tray for home or professional pharmacy use. The tray is designed to sit completely flat so that round pills, such as gelcaps, don’t roll around and gather to one side or another. Most trays include a small ridge between the counting area and the counted chamber or chute. With some pill shapes, this can slow the flow. Our case design eliminates the ridge to make the path from tray to chute much smoother and faster.

It is worth mentioning that, we have different kinds of pill counting trays and spatula. You can combine your special pill counting tray w/ a spatula as you need. 

How to use a pill counting tray with a spatula?

1. Pour your pills into the tray.

2. Count how many pills you need, and then distribute them to the channel.

3. Close the transparent shield of the channel, and pour the needed pills into your daily pill box/organizer.

4. Pour the rest pills back into your pill vial.

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