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What are the ill effects of being fat?

Body fat is important for determining good health

Weight alone is not a clear indicator of fitness because it does not distinguish if the pounds come from body fat or body muscle. Different heights will have different weight standards. When the percentage of fat exceeds the body weight by a certain percentage, it will be called obesity. Carrying too much fat would put a person at risk for many serious medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, stroke, cancer, digestive problems, fertility and pregnancy problems, and more.

Moreover, another problem is self-problems faced during daily life.

1. Obesity results in difficulty while performing daily tasks.

2. Difficulty while traveling especially in public transport.

3. Difficulty with personal hygiene.

4. Clothes question.

How to know if we are obese? 

Overweight means an excess of total body weight based on population averages for heights and body frame sizes. However, obesity means an excess of body fat regardless of weight. For example, athletes or muscular people may be overweight, but they are not overfat. 

In addition, appearance can be deceiving. We cannot know if a person is obese based on appearance. For example, men A, B, and C have the same height. A and B have the same weight, and C weighs considerably more. It seems that C is fat. However, after analyzing body fat levels, only A has above the recommended percentage and is at a higher health risk. 

The body fat scale is good, which can instantly tell you your body weight and your estimated fat percentage. Then compared to the fat percentage standard, you will know if you have been obese. Besides, there is another tool, the fat caliper. That is popular in personal fat measurement at home conveniently. 

How to prevent obesity?

1. Regular exercise helps to reduce the risk of obesity.

2. Maintain a healthy diet.

3. Try to avoid overeating and also eat when you are hungry.

4. Limited food consumption while breakfast or lunch.

5. Check your weight regularly.

If a person does not have good self-discipline, a fat replica is a perfect weight motivator or weight management helper. Usually, it is used in gyms, healthcare centers, hospitals, etc. 

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