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Something Know about Adult Arm Sling & Bandage Protector

What is an arm sling?

An arm sling is a device that hangs from your neck to support your arm. Your arm, bent at the elbow, rests in the sling. This is designed to help take some of the weight off your neck. Can be used after surgery, injury, or first aid.

waterproof sling for showering Cradle Arm Sling with Adjustable Body Strap


The directions below will help you put on an arm sling: 

    a) Gently bend your injured arm at the elbow across the waist (at a 90-degree angle). 

    b) Put the strap of the sling around your neck and down your back. The strap usually has an adhesive fabric to make it easy for you to fasten the strap. 

    c) Put your arm in the sling so your elbow is in the closed end of the sling. Your hand will be at the open end of the sling. 

    d) For comfort, put the edge of the sling so it covers the first fold of the little finger.



  • Keep away from fire and flammable materials.
  • Children under the age of 4 are not allowed to use alone.


Preservation method: 

This waterproof sling should be stored in a place where the relative humidity is lower than 80%, without corrosive gas, in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, and clean room.

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