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New Suture Practice Model Releases - Face Suture Pad for Injection Practice, Acpuncture

Are you looking for a silicone face, mannequin face for Injection Practice, Suture Training, or Acupuncture?


The pro-Health face suture pad was made of food-grade silicone material. It can be used for injection, suture practice, acupuncture, tattoo practice, works show, tattoo examination, hair beauty, etc


High-Quality MaterialUnlike most suture models on the market that use cheap mixed chemical material, our silicone face suture pad is soft and has good extensibility, not hard silicone rubber, PU foam, or PVC ones.


Reusable & DurableThe training silicone face suture pad can be used repeatedly. Made of high-quality silicone material without pungent smell, environmental-friendly. The mesh layer texture on the surface helps prevent the silicone face mannequin from suturing. Over 100 needle sticks without obviously scratched. It will last a long time when properly taken care of.


A Replaceable ToolThe Practice Face Injection Model means you no longer need a human patient to work with. You can use this simulation model to gain the experience needed to become a prospective doctor or prospective nurse. Thereby effectively improving your medical skills to reduce failure rate or dissatisfaction.


Advanced SimulationThe silicone facial model is made of all-silicone, and the super-simulated soft touch feels, no irritating chemical taste is environmentally friendly, and the appearance is realistic. Let you enjoy the relevant practical training. It is a rare auxiliary tool for your practical training.


PortableThis stable silicone face model is lightweight and portable, easy and convenient to use and great for practicing. Applicable to schools, and hospitals, physical health teaching, can be used as the teaching of suture facial training & injection exercises knowledge of the visual aids.


Improve injection skillsThe face suture pad with a thickness of 6.5 cm can ensure the precise control of the injection level, injection point, and injection dose to a large extent, thereby ensuring the effect of face-lifting needles.


Acupuncture Beauty PracticeThe principle of acupuncture beauty is that by stimulating the meridians and acupoints, can effectively tighten the skin, reduce fine lines, and improve facial asymmetry. This silicone face can help you show the position of acupuncture to your students faster and improve learning efficiency.

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