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Simple Interrupted Suture Technique and Practice Steps


Simulating skin suture pad with 14 pre-cut wounds *1

✓ Training scissors *1

✓ Hegar needle driver/holder *1

✓ Adson forceps(tweezers with tooth) *1

✓ Mosquito forceps *1

✓ 3#Training Scalpel handle *1

✓ 10# Blades *3

✓ 4/0 Nylon monofilament Needle&Thread  *5

Consideration for Simple Interrupted Suture:

  • It is important to handle all the instruments correctly.
  • When selecting suture material refer to your school's booklet.
  • Swaged needles must be disposed of in a sharps container.
  • Other needles should be reused.
  • Needles are sharp and can cause injury.
  • Consider practicing suturing and wearing gloves to reduce risk.

Procedure for Simple Interrupted Suture: 

1. Remove suture material from suture material packaging

remove suture material from suture material packaging

2. Grasp the needle approximately 1/3 of its length (from the eye or swaged end) with the needle holder. If the issue is tough it may help to hold the needle closer to the point.

grasp the needle and sutures

3. Hope the rat tooth forceps in your non-domain hand and lift the far edge of the incision, near where the first suture will be placed.

lift the far edge of the incision

4. Begin stitching at the end of the incision closest to your dominant hand i.e. right end if right-handed, and insert the needle on the far side of the incision.

practice simple interrupted suture


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