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10 Things You Should Know About Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture has been used for treating a wide range of health problems for centuries. This type of alternative treatment, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine, can help reduce pain and other symptoms through the skilled use of thin needles. Whether you’re thinking of having acupuncture done or are interested in studying it, here are several things to keep in mind about this type of therapy.
1.  It Doesn’t Hurt
Although acupuncturists place needles into your skin during treatment, these are extremely thin needles. In fact, they are much thinner than the kinds of needles used for giving shots. When acupuncture needles enter your skin, you’re not likely to feel anything other than slight pressure.

2.  It Usually Requires Multiple Sessions
While acupuncture is an effective form of pain relief, it usually takes more than one treatment to provide long-term results. Depending on how much pain you’re experiencing or whether you need acupuncture for a different type of health problem, your acupuncturist might suggest coming in for several more treatments.

3.  Eating Before Treatment is Recommended
Having something in your stomach before going in for acupuncture is strongly recommended so you’ll have enough energy. This also helps reduce the risk of experiencing lightheadedness during treatment.

4.  Needles Are Only Used Once
If you’re worried about needles being used on other clients, keep in mind that acupuncturists are required to dispose of used needles and use brand new ones for each treatment.

5.  Loose Clothing is Recommended
Wearing loose clothes makes it easier for acupuncturists to get to targeted areas without having you remove any clothing. If you do need to take anything off, you can expect to be fully draped.
6.  It Helps Multiple Health Problems
Acupuncture is usually associated with pain relief, but it can also be used for many other health issues. These include digestive trouble, allergies, anxiety and menstrual problems.

7.  It Can Cause Beneficial Side Effects
Having acupuncture done can cause several side effects that can improve your overall well-being. You might find that you feel more energetic and less stressed. You might also sleep better.

8.  It Might Involve Checking Physical Conditions
In order to determine the most effective type of acupuncture treatment for you, your acupuncturist might need to examine certain physical conditions. This might include checking your pulse or checking for tension in parts of your body.

9.  It’s Not Spiritual or Religious
Acupuncture is not a form of spiritual or religious treatment. It is based on principles of ancient Chinese medicine that have proven to be effective for centuries.

10.  Other Types of Treatment are Sometimes Included
Acupuncturists sometimes perform other types of treatment to complement acupuncture. These include acupressure, cupping, and massage.
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