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By Clara | 11 October 2022 | 0 Comments

100+ Realistic Skeleton & Skull & Hand Halloween Props for Decoration Ideas

Are you still looking for the best Halloween props for your party, to surprise your friends or guests? So why not choose the realistic and unique skeleton, skull, or hand as Halloween props or DIY props for decoration? 

Life-size skeleton & skull prop for Halloween decoration

Generally, life-size & realistic skeletons and skulls are used for medical education in universities and colleges. But for Halloween, we see them around our homes willingly. If you want to decorate a Halloween party with highly simulated skeletons or skulls, do not miss the following.

Life-size skeletons models use as Halloween props:

life size skeleton halloween decoration

Realistic skull 3D models for Halloween decoration:

realistic halloween skull prop

Highlights features of the skeletons compared with common ones: 

  • High fidelity: life-size, large, and small sizes are available
  • Detachable skeletons: one full skeleton model can be detached to DIY different Halloween decorations.
  • Safe, durable, and eco-friendly: Latex-free PVC, safe for everyone. Can be reused countless times and DIY different Halloween props. 

Fake hand or ear props for Halloween decoration:

fake body prop, hand, ear, tongue

If you are also interested in other fake body props for Halloween, don't be hesitated to contact us. All the human body anatomy models are available for you. 

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