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Congrats! SA(WCA) 8000 Audit Successfully

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Update time : 2022-07-29 17:00:00

The Intertek Auditor has made Social Accountability audit (WCA/SA8000) on us on 29th July.

SA 8000 provides a basis for objective third-party certification of a company’s production facilities. And WCA has become a powerful tool to help companies implement supplier factory assessment, benchmarking, and continuous improvement.

SA 8000 Standard Focuses on:

1. Child Labor

Prohibit child labor and protect underage workers.

2. Forced Labor

Prohibit the use of forced labor.

3. Health and Safety

Ensure employee health and safety and ensure safety and health awareness training for all company personnel. We provide a safe working production environment. Employees undergo physical examinations on time.

4. Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

We have employee representatives who are responsible for responding to problems and making appeals to company management. 

5. Discrimination

Discrimination is prohibited, including but not limited to gender, skin color, region, and age as long as it complies with the law and the person is competent for the job.

6. Disciplinary Practices 

No Harassment and Abuse of Employees in our company. 

7. Working Hours 

Strictly follow legal working hours. Five days a week, weekends off. Not forced to work overtime.

8. Remuneration 

Regular working hours are paid at the contractually agreed wages. Overtime working hours are paid according to the overtime wage rate.

9. Management Systems

We have developed complete social management systems. 

  • Notice and Record Keeping Regulations
  • Supplier and Subcontractor Management
  • Corrective and preventive controls for incidents, non-conformities
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Management. We regularly conduct fire training and fire drills. 
  • Effective and legal reward and punishment system
  • Environmental management
  • Implement social responsibility internal audit
  • Implement social responsibility management review

Above SA 8000 social responsibility requirements are the core standard for the company to participate in social responsibility certification, and it is the basis for ensuring the qualification of the company's products and the humanization and moralization of production process management.

On July 1, 2021, Pro-Health Product Ltd. compiled the "Social Responsibility Management System Procedure Document", promulgated, and implemented it.

Benefits of SA 8000 Certified Factory:

  • SA 8000 Certification
  • Complete Social Management system
  • Standard production conditions
  • Safety of workers and production
  • Compliance with International and national regulations
  • Work with the globally accepted standard
  • Stable & reliable partner

About Pro-Health Products Ltd.:

We are a small and professional foreign trade factory with a good quality management system and quality policy. Responsibility and quality control are the core of our production process. Mainly provides product design & manufacturing for the North American and European market, but also includes many other countries and regions. Please feel free to contact us and high-quality medical training & education products will be sent to you wherever you are.