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By Clara | 29 August 2022 | 0 Comments

When and Why Would a Newborn Baby Need a IV in Head?

When and why would a newborn baby need an IV?

When newborn babies are admitted to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), most of them are too small or sick. They need to be fully fed and need antibiotics, and medicines. Surely they just could get the fluids, nutrition, and medicines through their veins by IV. 

Or when the newborn babies are fed normally, but still need antibiotics or medical therapy. 

Where do they put an IV in a newborn?

Due to the immaturity of the baby's body, the veins in the limbs are less evident and full. Babies may have an IV placed in a hand, foot, or scalp, where veins are easily accessed. Tubing connects the IV to a bag of fluids carefully given to the baby with a pump. It is worth mentioning that the baby's scalp is thinner and the veins in the head are more superficial than the baby's hands and feet, making it easier to puncture. So clinically, the intravenous administration of the head is often chosen. 

Why need an infant Scalp IV injection model?

Although the blood vessels of the scalp are obvious, the baby's scalp is thin and the blood vessels are thin, which makes it difficult to puncture. However, how to master the puncture technique is a very important job in the work of pediatric nurses. So medical schools and teaching hospitals are in great need of a model that can be used in infant scalp intravenous infusion exercises.

In order to provide an infant scalp intravenous injection model and improve the user's technical level of infant scalp intravenous injection, an exercise model is designed here.

  • The infant mannequin head model simulates the baby's head with soft skin and strong realism.
  • The vascular network of the scalp is clearly visible, and the puncture needle feels good.
  • Easy to puncture and can withstand hundreds of punctures but not leak.
  • The realistic and beautiful baby face interests users more.

It is a more realistic baby scalp IV model convenient for medical school students and medical staff in clinical hospitals to practice infant scalp venipuncture IV techniques and improve the puncture level. 

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