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By Clara | 24 November 2022 | 0 Comments

Why is Breastfeeding Education Needed for IBCLC, Nurses, Midwives, New Moms, Physicians?

Breastfeeding plays a crucial role in the baby's growth, health, and development, as well as benefits for the mother, who may need some help to successfully feed their babies and need support and reassurance as they learn this skill. 

What are the advantages of breastfeeding?

For baby:

  1. Breast milk can provide all the nutrients that a baby needs for growth in the first six months. 
  2. Breast milk helps protect the baby against infections and illnesses up to 2 years of age or more.
  3. Breast milk is easy for babies to digest and the baby's body can use breast milk efficiently.

For mom:

  1. Breastfeeding promotes the emotional relationship between the baby and the mother.
  2. Breastfeeding promotes the mother's uterus to contract and reduces the risk of bleeding after birth.
  3. It lowers the rate of breast and ovarian cancer. 
  4. It promotes the mother's weight return to pre-pregnancy.

However, according to the survey statistics, there is only 38% of infants are exclusively breastfed. And Suboptimal breastfeeding contributes to 800, 000 infants.

Lots of people stop breastfeeding their babies for various reasons. The key reason maybe there is not enough breast milk and adequate support from healthcare providers. Nowadays, most physicians and nurses are not so confident in their ability to support the mother to maintain breastfeeding. Thereby increasing health professionals' confidence in clinical lactation skills is the key to improving maternal and child health. 

Let's work together to increase breastfeeding rates postnatal. 

We are one of but not only breast simulator manufacturers. But we must be the high-fidelity and high-quality female breast model for health professional education in clinical lactation. We take the quality first and provide affordable breastfeeding breast models for education.


【Premium Material】Lacation breast education model is made of good silicone materials. It will last for your entire career.

【Realistic Size, Shape, and Skin Color】The silicone breast model is molded from a standard real female breast, making the size normal. Comes with natural skin color and areola color. 

【Soft & Realistic Tactile Feeling】The key point to breast massage practice and breastfeeding education. The silicone female breast model is quite soft to touch similar to the real female breast. Perfect for breast massage and hand express demonstration and practice.

【Wide Applications】The breast model is made based on the race skin color. Applicable to lactation consultants, clinical nurses, midwives, new moms, etc. Teach or learn female nursing and lactation skills, prolactin massage, hand express, and breastfeeding. Widely used in lactation consultant courses, breastfeeding consultant courses, Breastfeeding Support Programs, clinics, and hospitals.

Female Breast Demonstration Model for Teaching Lactation & Breastfeeding Education Model, Hemisphere Silicone Breast Model for Education, Dark Brown

Let's help you no matter whether you are a lactating mother, lactation consultant, nurse, midwife, or healthcare worker in the education course or real work. Also, provide OEM service for distributors and institutions with bulk discounts. Contact us online.

Some tips to help breastfeed:

  • Encourage the mother to get herself into a comfortable position.
  • Show the mother how to hold the baby right for breastfeeding. The baby's head and body are turned to face the mother's breast, and the baby's nose is opposite the nipple.

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