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Perfect Dental Models for Typodont & Implant Teaching, Practice and Study

What does typodont mean?


In dentistry, a typodont is a model of the oral cavity, including teeth, gingiva, and the palate.



A typodont dental teeth model is an educational tool for dental and hygienist students, allowing them to capture the theoretical knowledge of anatomy, pathologies, and treatments of physical form by practicing certain dental procedures on the plastic teeth of a model before actually performing the procedures on live patients. Generally, typodonts have replaceable, screw-in teeth that are composed of materials that allow students to drill cavity preparations and fill them with restorative material, such as amalgam or composite, or prepare the plastic teeth for crowns and bridges.


Used for years, they are the best tool for learning and practice, providing extra value beyond memorizing a few notes or anatomy atlas. The phantom is used next to the model, a Mannequin to imitate the patient in clinical position on the dental chair.


Inside the oral cavity of the phantom, the typodont is inserted with two screws and allows to imitate the movements and inclination so that the student is practicing the posture, rotations, and proper handling of the patient.


In that case, there exists a multitude of variations models in function with each pathology, procedure to practice, and subject of the dental career.


There are a lot of affordable teeth models and most universities and with replacement teeth according to each type, so one can practice till he doesn't need them anymore.


Here we review the most common typodont in universities and their function:


Occlusion Typodonts


They are the most used models in any university in the world, they imitate the ideal occlusion of an adult patient in a stable and complete dentition.


The Thermostable Typodont has 28 teeth while the Typodont with permanent denture has 32 teeth (all 4 wisdom teeth or third molars). Other models that facilitate the study of occlusions are typodont with ideal occlusion by Ortho Technology. They are habitual in the first practices of the race for taking impressions with alginate, in the restorative subject for the realization of cavities and composite fillings to accompany the student in the last years of career for more complex procedures such as prosthesis and the realization of carvings thanks to their interchangeable teeth with a fine screw in the base.


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