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Perfect Dental Models for Typodont & Implant Teaching, Practice and Study

What do typodont and implant mean?


In dentistry, a typodont is a model of the oral cavity, including teeth, gingiva, and palate. 

Dental implant surgery is a procedure that replaces tooth toots with mental, screwlike posts and replaces damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function much like real ones. 



Before becoming a professional dentist or having been a dentist, typodont and implant practice is still necessary.


A typodont dental teeth model is an educational tool for dental and hygienist students, allowing them to capture the theoretical knowledge of anatomy, pathologies, and treatments of physical form by practicing certain dental procedures on the plastic teeth of a model before actually performing the procedures on live patients. Generally, typodonts have replaceable, screw-in teeth that are composed of materials that allow students to drill cavity preparations and fill them with restorative material, such as amalgam or composite, or prepare the plastic teeth for crowns and bridges. 


Dental implant training models are practical practice tools, which are perfect for sinus lift, gum cutting, gingival suturing, cavity preparation, bone grafting, and pilot hole drilling practice, helping dental professional dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists or prosthodontists a lot in daily work.


 various realistic dental implant training models


Used for years, they have been the best tools for dental learning and practice, providing extra value beyond memorizing a few notes or an anatomy atlas. 


For example, the phantom mannequin typodont practice head is a great tool to imitate the patient in a clinical position on the dental chair. Inside the oral cavity of the phantom head, the typodont is inserted with two screws and allows to imitate the movements and inclination so that the student is practicing the posture, rotations, and proper handling of the patient. 

 Advanced Dental Phantom Head Typodont Practice Teeth Model


In that case, there exists a multitude of variations of models in function with each pathology, procedure to practice, and subject of the dental career. They are affordable and most universities can replace teeth with each type with no worries. And they can practice till they don't need anymore.  


Here if you are interested in the common typodont in universities and their function, please go on to see the dental typodont types.


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