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Introduction of Basic Air Navigation Plotter

Rotating Plotter

Ultimate Course Rotating Plotter

  • To measure the true course/North-South Courses/Distance/VOR Radials
  • Because its larger numbers are easier to read, it gives users greater accuracy
  • Robust construction with performance and durability
  • Each plotter features 8 scales to meet the needs of all VFR aeronautical charts - nautical on one side, statute on the flip. Nautical-Statute conversion scale was also included.


Sectional Plotter

  • High-Quality laminated design
  • Scales for VFR+GPS Enroute and Area charts in Statue and Nautical Miles
  • Works with Sectional, Terminal Area, and WAC charts
  • The larger scale is used for sectional charts and the smaller scale is used for WAC charts.

Sectional Air Navigation Plotter

Circular Flight Computer

  • The circular slide rule was originally issued by pilots.
  • Because its larger numbers are easier to read, it gives users greater accuracy.
  • Robust construction with performance and durability.
  • Useful in high and low-speed problems.
  • Automatic compensation for temperature rise and compression factor.

 CR-3 Circular Flight Navigation Computer


IFR Navigation Chart Plotter

  • This plotter contains mileage scales (in nautical miles) for all en-route IFR charts.
  • Holding patterns depicted for both standard and nonstandard entries
  • Compass roses allow quick course and bear information

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