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Dental Typodont for Medical Class and Practice



As education becomes easier to get, you gain a wide advantage in learning. Engineers learn on the job while medical students practice on mock structures. For dental students, there is a model of a mouth that is part of one of the teaching materials, that is typodont. 


While doing a preclinical internship at college, dental students tackle typodonts first. The practice of typodont allows one to gain a deeper understanding of tooth anatomy. 


Displaying the condition of teeth to the patient


Typodont is also for patients’ understanding of who will be treating their teeth. Models like this are also useful when showing proper brushing and tossing techniques. Typodont dentist shows how he will treat his teeth with surgery. Many forms of patient education can be enhanced by providing visual illustrations.


Practicing for the dental students


 Using a Phantom and a Mannequin, a dentist can simulate the position of a patient in a dental chair. Medical students learn how to treat teeth problems, and more. Practicing posture and handling patients will help students learn more about the profession.


Students learn anatomy through typodonts, which give them the opportunity to practice dentistry. Dental students can drill, fill, extract, and use Typodonts for practice. 


Practicing for the Dentists


Dentists often use typodonts when they are working with patients. The model can be used to demonstrate proper brushing and flossing technique, and it can also be useful when discussing treatment options and procedures. Using a typodont, a dentist can show a patient what he or she plans to do during a surgery, for example, or the dentist can demonstrate different treatment options to the patient. The typodont can also be used to educate people about dental implants, dentures, and other devices. Providing a visual illustration for patients can be very helpful with many forms of patient education.


Types of Typodont


Below are a few of the most common typodonts in universities:


Occlusion Typodonts


The most common model used in universities throughout the world, an ideal occlusion in a stable and complete dentition of adults. Ortho Technology is another model that facilitates the study of occlusions. The purpose of occlusion typodont is to teach students how to fill cavities in more complex structures.

Pediatric Dentistry typodont.


Periodontic typodonts


In the periodontal study, the typodont is used to demonstrate the different diseases of the gums and periodontium. This study focuses on gum disease as a whole. Whenever the gums get inflamed, it is quite painful since the gums are attached to the bones. Additionally, the gingiva and teeth are elastic and removable. 


Surgical Typodont


Dental surgery procedures must the highest level of accuracy and safety. With its soft gum practicing dissection with a scalpel, it mimics the real anatomy of practicing osteotomy or extraction.


What are typodont teeth made of?


The typodont teeth that resemble the morphology of natural teeth are made of plastic materials such as ivorine, melamine, polycarbonate, etc., and are used for training students in restorative procedures.


A typodont is a model of the mouth which is designed to be used in dental education. There are a number of settings in which typodonts can be utilized and these models are made by numerous medical supply companies.


Companies which make dental models usually offer a range of products so that people can select the version which will be most suitable for their needs. The cost of a typodont can vary, depending on the features it has and the materials from which it is made.


Where to buy it?


Models for dental work can usually be found in dental supply catalogs.Dental supply catalogs are usually a good source for dental models. It is also sometimes possible to buy used models from dental schools. People who require custom models or models with special features may need to wait for their orders to be filled. The speed at which orders can be met depends on the size of the company and its current order backlog. Sometimes turnaround on a typodont order is very fast.


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