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Quality Control Base

We have three general principles in our production protocols:

1.If we are able to get a mold created for the customer at cost-effectively, we will do the plastic injection ourselves and manufacture the product in-house.

2.If we must subcontract (outsource) the physical production/manufacturing of a product to another company, we will still do the assembling, packaging and/or repackaging in-house. In addition, we perform a secondary or backup quality control inspection to ensure the product(s) will satisfy a customer’s requirements.

3.If we must accept third-party-manufactured finished products for redistribution or handle products that our customers outsourced themselves, all products are required to be shipped to our factory first to enable our QC specialists to carefully re-inspect or test the products before final shipment to our customers.

Because our factory serves as our QC base, we maintain a team of diligent QC specialists on premise. We are able to perform strict quality control procedures from start to finish beginning with the purchase of raw materials, during all phases of production, proper packaging, and final shipment to our customer. Online QC oversees every step in the production lines and independent inspectors in our own factory as well as at or on subcontractors’ sites perform additional QC procedures that include but are not limited to:

  • Pre Production Inspection
  • Initial Production Check
  • During Production Inspection
  • In-Process Quality Control
  • Packing Inspection
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • General Production Monitoring
  • Container Loading Check

Production Review/Troubleshooting

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