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About our team

Pro-Health team is knowledgeable and reliable. This incorporates everything from outstanding customer service, sourcing, and production, to the highest standards of quality control. Much of this depends, of course, on your own individual needs, specifications and requirements.

Our team is experienced in virtually all phases of conducting business in China and if we can’t or don’t manufacture a particular product ourselves, we can serve as a liaison to locate a suitable China-based matchup for your needs. We not only know the different customs and culture of countries worldwide, we are also familiar with the needs of customers, care very deeply about those needs, and will do our utmost to meet and satisfy them.

Our Key personnel:

▲Baolin (Rambo) Ouyang -----Owner and Founder, CEO

  Baolin (Rambo) Ouyang A local Cantonese and graduate of Guangzhou Jinan University. Major: Foreign Trade. After graduation, Rambo spent 3 years as a sales person and merchandiser for a Hong Kong company in Guangdong province, Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. He also spent 2 years being

an office administrator in a local firm. With five years of diverse business experience under his belt, Rambo decided to start his own business and focuses on promotional products serving well known large corporations that include P & G and Unilever. His company also became one of the key suppliers of gifts to these companies in China. After this early success with his first business, Rambo ran other types of business with friends and family members that included furniture and plastic products manufacturing. This eventually resulted in the founding of Pro-Health Product Limited. With more than 20 years of combined experience in sales, sourcing, manufacturing, management and administration, Rambo has acquired considerable expertise in all phases of business. He knows how to do things well and how to make things happen. He also realized that placing the needs of customers first and helping other people was self-rewarding. He follows the Golden Rule and firmly believes that being nice to others results in everything being nicer in life itself.

The Year of birth: Year of The Rat

Constellation: Cancer

Motto: Enjoy the process, enjoy the work and enjoy the life.

Email address:

▲Jiamei (Kioni) Cen------Director, Merchandise Manager

▲Jianhua (Jason) Li-----Director, Factory Manager

▲Manhua (Angela) He-----Director, Sales Manager


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