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Our facilities contain the physical factory for manufacturing/producing plastic molded products as well as all of the other departments that comprise our entire Pro-Health Product Limited business. The distribution/OEM arm of our business carries and also develops a wide range of products associated with the medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory consumables industries. These items must be kept in pristine condition and require a clean environment for virtually all phases of production, packaging and/or repackaging. Our facilities include a clean room in addition to standard packaging rooms to satisfy virtually all requirements for packaging and repackaging.

To meet the diverse needs of our customers and to satisfy their often unique requirements, we perform custom packaging and repackaging in our facilities. Some items, such as precision laboratory consumables and sterilized medical products, are packaged under tight supervision in our clean room to eliminate the danger of accidental DNA contamination. More conventional products that are outsourced for our customers are shipped to our factory for QC inspections and repackaging. Any problems, such as damage to either the products themselves or to the outer cartons, are promptly fixed and the items are then repackaged, as required, in our standard packaging rooms.

Product assembly and packaging are an important part of the total production process. We oversee the overall assembling and packaging process to ensure that all products are properly and well packaged as per the customer’s specifications or requirements.

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