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About Us

Pro-Health Product Limited was founded in 2007 and is a well-known product innovator and developer. We specialize in providing high-performance Medical Products, Medical and Pharmaceutical Promotional Products, Laboratory Consumables, and Patient Education and Training Products.

Our business office and factory are located in Guangzhou, China, the central region of the Pearl River Delta, which serves as the southern gateway to China. It is one of the most developed areas of industrial manufacturing in the country. While we are a local business with family ties and roots here, our staff is well educated and thoroughly experienced in international perspectives. We adhere to the highest moral and ethical business standards. At Pro-Health, customer satisfaction is Job One (our first priority)

Our Certificates and reputation:

From the very beginning, our focus has been on the quality of our service and our products. In 2008, we received CE and ISO13485 certification. Most of our medical products are also registered with the FDA in the U.S.A. After our CE and ISO13485 certificates expired, we upgraded to ISO9001 certification to ensure that our company continues to provide the best service and highest scientific quality to our customers. In addition, we utilize outside testing organizations (e.g., SGS) to ensure quality standards for both our products and the raw materials that we use. These test reports are made available to our customers to ensure their highest confidence and satisfaction with the products that we supply. We have always passed the rigid audits of all trade associations that we are affiliated with including Alibaba, Made-in-china, Global sources, HKTDC, etc. We have often been recommended by some of our customers to worldwide organizations like ICG, WPAP, etc.

Our core values:

1. Integrity

Our company is founded on two principles: “Quality First” and “Honesty & Faith”. Together, they constitute the foundation of our company and express our most important business principles and core values. Our management and scientific methods are standardized to provide our customers with the best service and the highest quality. Once a commitment or promise has been made to you, we adhere to it even if it requires us to absorb cost overruns that may arise. That’s because our promise is our word and our bond. It continues to be our most treasured business practice. We are open and transparent in all of our relationships with our customers. We do not and have never engaged in deceptive “small print” deceptions in any contracts or business agreements with any of our valued customers.

2. Partnership

We view our customers as partners in business. Our success is dependent upon your success. To achieve your own business objectives, you need a partner that you can trust. The mutual trust that we share with our customers has helped us to become an International company in a fairly short time. Pro-Health offers you exceptional service backed by innovative technology and the latest research from our industry-renowned experts. Our customers rely on us for service, expertise and integrity.

3. Passion

We are a relatively young enterprise but we have an unblemished track record for exceptional reliability and dependability. In every endeavor that we undertake, we work together as a team and encourage one another to excel in what we do. We tackle every project with passion and it is what drives us to do what we do. This also is our motivation to try our utmost to do it better than anyone else.

4. Spirit of Sharing

We believe fervently in giving back and believe that this is a gift in itself. We share our success with our valued team members. We constantly encourage everyone, young people in particular, to build their dreams; then work together with them to help achieve those dreams.

Our Goal:

We cannot be successful in our business unless our customers are successful in theirs. We endeavor to do our best, from start to finish, and deliver quality products to our customers that will please and satisfy. By working with our customers instead of just selling to them, we can help ensure that our partnership with you will grow and prosper.

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